Blake Lynch

Blake was formerly our treasurer but is now carrying on the Lynch legacy as president. Blake is a senior majoring in Supply Chain Management. He’s our favorite knee boarder and can even throw a flip! When he isn’t on the water you might find him snow skiing or playing with his two cats. 

Vice President

Megan Nieters

Megan is a junior studying Packaging in hopes to work as a packaging engineer. She has been water skiing since she was seven years old but joined the team last year. Her favorite event is slalom but she’s been looking good while landing jumps this season. When not water skiing you might find her racing down the slopes or floating in the lake.

Men’s Captain

Henry VanFaussien

Henry is a senior triple majoring in French, Education, and Social Studies. He joined the winter of his sophomore year but has been water skiing for over 15 years. At tournaments when he’s not ripping through the slalom course he’s on the dock with a megaphone. In his free time you might find him golfing, surfing, snow skiing, or performing yoyo tricks. We know Henry is going to do great things this season!

Women’s Captain

Zach Koone

 He started water skiing at eight years old but has been on the team since freshman year. He’s an all-around athlete and is considered an asset to the MSU club football team. When it comes to water skiing he’s a three-eventer but slalom is his favorite. Also, rumor says he has the best (and brightest) suits on the team.


Nick Butler

Nick is a junior who’s new to the team and E-Board this year! As an accounting major he’s super excited to handle our finances. He was born to be on the water, in fact his first word was boat. When he’s not skiing you might find him on the range with the shotgun team. We’re happy Nick got lost on the way to the wakeboard team and found us instead.

Public Relations Chair

Leah Lindemeyer

Leah is a junior majoring in Communications with minors in PR and Media Photography. She started waterskiing fall of her sophomore year and has been in love ever since. At tournaments you’ll find her sending it off the ramp or cheering on teammates. When she’s not skiing she’s likely kissing turtles, traveling or laying on the beach (she goes where the water is).

Site Manager

John Avery

He is a senior majoring in Public Relations. John joined the team his sophomore year but he started water skiing as soon as he learned how to swim. When he’s not zipping through the slalom course he might be snowboarding, telling sub-par jokes, or teaching underprivileged youth door-to-door sales. His qualifications for Site Manager include having personally untangled 10+ ropes from boat propellers using nothing but his bare hands.

Site Manager

Ben Lynch

He is a senior majoring in Computer Science. Ben started water skiing at 12 years old but joined the team freshman year. When he’s not cruising through the slalom course you might find him golfing or playing cards. 

Team Advisor

Scott Thomas

The man, the myth, the legend!