Megan Nieters

Megan is currently a junior majoring in packaging. Some call her Lil Nieters (not for her height) because she grew up water skiing with her older sister. Her favorite event is slalom but she can do it all! When she’s not water skiing she’s spending time with her friends or in a flamingo floaty. This past season she loved hanging out with the team and going to Nationals at SMRR!

Vice President

Sean Oehrlein

Sean is a sophomore majoring in political science pre-law and minoring in law and public policy, french, and economics. He started water skiing when he joined the team 2 years ago. At tournaments Sean loves sending it off Big Red and “having fun with the team by the lake with the sun shining.” The water ski season is over but he’s excited to do winter sports with the team. Before Sean began his collegiate water ski career he was a child model in China. 

Men’s Captain

Alaina Barnhart

 Alaina is a junior majoring in human biology with a double minor in spanish and pharmacology & toxicology. When she was 10 she learned how to get up on combos, now you’ll find her at tournaments stomping jumps and cheering everyone off the dock. In her free time, she can be found on the pickleball/tennis courts or on the slopes instructing the next generation of little shredders.

Women’s Captain

Nick Anderson

Nick is a junior majoring in communication with a concentration on research and organization. He’s been on the water as long as he can remember and has been skiing for around 10 years. At tournaments he’s either sending it off the jump or hanging out with everyone by the lake. When he’s not water skiing you’ll find him at the ski house, going out with friends or playing video games. Before water skiing competitively he played hockey for 12 years (he’s sadly retired now) but loves to snow ski during the off season.


Jack Morad

Jack is new to the team and e-board this year but not new to MSU! He is a senior and third generation Spartan. As a Human Capital & Society Major with a minor in Law & Justice and Business he’s prepared to handle our finances. He started waterskiing when he joined the team this year but has been wake surfing since high school.  In his free time you might find him golfing, basketball, lifting, and going out with friends. Also, he is a big Star Wars fan…if there’s a movie, show or video game he’s I’ve seen it or played it!

Public Relations Chair

Leah Lindemeyer

 Leah is a junior majoring in communication with minors in PR and media photography. During tournaments you’ll find her yelling into a megaphone, crashing off the ramp, or putting glitter on everyone. Leah’s favorite part of the season is encouraging new skiers at Head to Head. When she’s not water skiing she might be hopping on a plane, drafting the next post, or hanging out with Team Midwest.

Site Manager

Will Fiedler

Will is a freshman majoring in mechanical engineering. He has been water skiing for as long as he can remember but focused on slalom for the past 9 years. His favorite part of the season is being able to witness and learn from all the talent in the sport. When he’s not skiing, he enjoys working on project cars including a 1974 jeep cj5 he rebuilt with his friend. We’re glad to have Will around to help keep Brandi up and running.

Team Advisor

Scott Thomas

The man, the myth, the legend!